In a deeply moving revelation, a man has opened up about his painful journey of feeling abandoned by his family and friends due to his decision to marry a woman with a skin condition.

Lusaka man
Niyindeba Janvier met his wife in church, where she sang in the choir and fell in love with her. Photo: Afrimax English.
Source: Youtube

Janvier gives up everything to pursue Domitila

The emotional account by Niyindeba Janvier sheds light on the transformative power of love while highlighting the challenges faced by individuals who choose to embrace differences.

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The man, who narrated his experience to Afrimax English, bravely shared the hardships he encountered after announcing his intention to marry his partner, Domitila Nyirantezimana.

“It’s me who proposed to her the first time, but she refused me. I tried to convince her that my intentions were good, but she refused me,” narrated Janvier.

She denied me, thinking that I just wanted to sleep with her. I told her if she accepted me, we would start a family together. That was when she found me to be serious, and from that time, our relationship grew stronger every day,” he added.

According to Janvier, he used everything he had to pursue Domitila, who has small tumours all over her body but to his surprise, she turned him down, claiming he only wanted to use her.

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Janvier invites his family to meet his wife

However, when he professed his love for her and promised to marry her and start a family, she began to open up to him slowly, seeing that his intentions were honest.

“When he came to me, I could not believe it, for I knew boys normally lie to girls. As someone who prays, I knew boys were so deceitful,” explained Domitila.

“They all come looking for something. So I told him to go with me for prayers in the mountains, and he accepted,” she added.

When the two were finally sure of their love for each other, Janvier invited his family to meet his wife, who had initially thought he would be uncomfortable with her face.

Instead of receiving the support and acceptance he had hoped for, Janvier, who had recently converted to Christianity, he faced rejection and abandonment from those he held dear.