Budding actress, Susan Pwajok popularly known as Blessing on the popular ‘The Johnsons’ TV series, has revealed why she no longer appears on the show.

Susan Pwajok used to play the last baby role of The Johnsons family and she easily became a fan favourite because of the last born role she plays.

Well, unfortunately, Susan Pwajok no longer appears on the TV show for some time now, and a fan has been prompted to ask.

In a question and answer session, the fan asked;

“Y aren’t you acting “The Johnsons” again? M no longer seeing you abii you don dey form Big thug girls?”

Susan Pwajok then replied;

“you quws was making sense till you decided to spoil it. however, I’m not on the johnsons rn for personal reasons and I’ll appreciate it if you guys stop assuming different things, dw I’ll be back on your screens in a bit.”

See the screenshot below: